Our Sources

Where do the skulls come from?

There are tons of great resources for finding skulls online. We have used a couple of open source libraries and have improved the data by removing non-working skulls, adding more metadata and giving you the ability to view commands for all Minecraft versions out there.

How do you improve the data?

We do not just show you an image of the skull and a single command, we extract colors from the skull, render the skull in different formats and from different angles to make sure you have the best and fastest experience possible.

Are custom Minecraft skulls always hosted in Minecraft.net sites?

Yes! It is not possible to host your own custom Minecraft skulls. Minecraft has hard-coded the Minecraft.com domain into the game, to make sure only skulls from this domain can be loaded. This prevents misuse of the functionality and keeps everyone safe.

Custom Skulls

How can I place a custom Minecraft head?

You can easily place a custom Minecraft skull using the commands found on a specific skulls page. It is important you have the right permissions and the possibility exists that you have to use a command block, since some commands are too large to be pasted in the console.

Why are there different commands?

You may notice different commands for different Minecraft versions and single- and multiplayer. This is necessary, because some minecraft versions use a different command structure. Servers may use a different name for the same item, which is why we have included a different command for multiplayer environments

I can't place a custom skull on the location I want

Are you sure you have the right permissions? Especially with multiplayer servers this can be a problem. Server administrators may have disabled certain commands, so you could contact them to ask for help. You can also always try the command for a different environment or Minecraft version, since you may be using the wrong command.


Can I use the skulls in my own project?

Currently we have not found the time to implement an API, so it is not possible to retrieve all skulls at once. For now users will have to use the website to place skulls.

About MC-Heads.com

MC-Heads is the ultimate place to find your minecraft skulls. Find skulls by category, color or name and find everything you need to place the custom minecraft skull in your world or on your server.

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